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Empower AAC

Speech and Language Therapy, AAC Services

Empower AAC, LLC is a private speech-language therapy practice providing services throughout New Jersey and coaching/training nationwide. We specialize in assisting individuals with complex communication needs who use or can benefit from Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC) as well as those who acquire language through Gestalt Language Processing (GLP). 


We support autonomous communication through customized training and support for individuals who use AAC as well as their communication partners.


Our approach is individualized and neurodiversity-affirming. Everyone deserves a voice and we strive to help all voices be heard, valued, understood, and respected. 

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Get to Know Us

Judith and Kaitlyn are New Jersey licensed and ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologists and AAC specialists with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion in the field. They have been providing high quality services to individuals and their communication partners for over 15 years. 


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Empower AAC LLC

P.O. Box 8582

Cherry Hill, New Jersey


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